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How do I register one of your screensavers?

Just click on of of the buy me buttons. You will be taken to our secure server site at Fill out the information that is requested. When your order is approved and processed you will receive an authorization email and another email with your product key or registration code. All codes are emailed as soon as your order is authorized. If you have a spam client installed please add to your list of accepted domains.

How do I contact support?

Use the support form located here

How do I uninstall a screensaver?

All the screensavers can be uninstalled from the Windows® Control Panel using the Add/Remove Programs dialogue. Find the screensaver in your list of installed programs then click add/remove.

Are the screensavers you download easy to install?

Yes after you download a screensaver just go to the folder that you downloaded it in and click on the file name. It will now install itself. No programming needed.

Are Your Screen Savers free to try?

Yes, all of my screensavers are free trial period. “Try Before You By” That means that if you like it and want to continue to use it then you can buy or register at the site. If not you can simply uninstall through add & remove programs in Windows. That is all there is too it!